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Short N' Sweet Minis

Welcome to Short N' Sweet Minis! We are a small farm located in Southern Indiana in the small town of Hardinsburg. For several years I raised, and sometimes showed, registered dairy goats however contracted a tick born allergy that made me allergic to most every aspect of being around the goats. The thing that I enjoyed and used as a means of retreat had gotten to the point of complete misery if I handled them much. So, I entrusted two very good friends with my favorite girls and was without any dairy animals for three years, only our horses grazed the five acres we had.

Over the years I've had several dairy cows and have always loved their sweet nature and docile temperament but the thing I kept running into was that it seemed the dairy girls I usually ended up with required so much grain to keep their body condition. Then, once I fed more to keep condition, I ended up with more milk than I knew what to do with and the dogs were even to the point they thought, ok....enough already! LOL! I knew that wasn't something I was interested in fighting again but still wanted a dairy cow. So, the quest for a jersey bred girl that could maintain on small acreage and didn't require an immense amount of grain began.

Entered the exciting discovery of mid and miniature sized jerseys! To say I was excited would be an understatement. Jerseys have always been my favorite breed due to a love my grandpa instilled in me with his little homestead type jersey cow. But again I worried about the massive amounts of grain to keep condition so I continued to research jerseys and the possibility of grass-fed genetics. Luck and favor were on my side when my husband and I happened upon three girls that would be the start of our little herd....grass-fed girls in great condition and charming looks. The matriarch is actually out of a low-line angus cow and a miniature jersey bull...a magnificent blend of body and milk. Enjoy yourselves as you take a look around the website and always feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.