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Short N' Sweet Minis

Ochwilla Hills Alia - IMCBR Registered

DOB - February 14, 2009

A1/A2, polled - negative for BVD and Johnne's

39" at the hook bone at 10 years of age

Every once in a while, you find that one cow that just takes your whole heart. Alia has it and has for long before I was given the opportunity to purchase her. Thankfully, Tim O'Donnell from Dexter Corner Jerseys knew this and when the time came for him to find her the absolute perfect home....he remembered us. She is full of sass and milks 3-4 gallons a day on once a day milking.

Due April, 2020 to DC Taylor's Alpha......I am beyond excited!!

DAM: Ochwilla Hill Conan

SIRE: Ochwilla Hill Ezzie

Wheatley Little Ginger Bits - IMCBR Registered

D.O.B. April 10, 2016

A1/A2, polled, painted - tested negative for BVD and Johnne's

39" at the Hook Bone at 21 months

75% Miniature Jersey/ 25% Lowline Angus

If we could have a whole field full of Gingers we would be thrilled to. She's so gorgeous, correct, and fun to watch. All these looks and grassfed only....yes please!

SIRE: Memory Lane Barnabus

DAM: Memory Lane Black Silky

Bred for August 2018 to DC Jefferson Davis 

SNS Livin Legacy

DOB - Sept. 1, 2018

A2/A2, polled, painted

41" at 16 months

24" at birth

Legacy was the first baby born on the farm and she did not disappoint. She is our only baby from DC Jefferson Davis before he had to be put down due to a trailer accident.

DAM: Wheatley Little Ginger Bits

SIRE: DC Jefferson Davis

Due Summer 2020 with a DC Grover Cleveland baby 

Sure Shot Lulu Belle

DOB - March 3, 2000

A1/A1, polled

41" at the hook at 10 years of age

Lulu is such a good girl! She's so solid and a powerhouse, even at a mere 41". While we can't milk her due to a very unfortunate winter where poor Lulu obtained frostbite prior to coming here, she does have excellent genetics to go along with her gorgeous looks that we hope she'll be able to pass along to her offspring. We are very excited for her future to say the least.

DAM: Hertzbergers Bessie

SIRE: Yoders Bulldozer


SNS Little Britches- IMCBR Registered

D.O.B. July 17, 2017

A1/A1, polled, painted

33" at 6 months

Britches is a full sister to Ginger and we can only hope she ends up just as beautiful as her sister. Judging from her looks now I'd say she's well on her way. Topline, looks, conformation, and color...gorgeous.

SIRE: Memory Lane Barnabus

DAM: Memory Lane Silky

Britches has been sold and now resides in Minnesota

Sure Shot Cherry Taffy - American Aberdeen Association and IMCBR registered

D.O.B. October 20, 2016

38" at the Hook Bone at 15 months

Purebred Polled Lowline Angus

We are so excited about this little girl!! By being red, the cross between her and the mini jerseys should be amazing! She is built very correct with a board level topline, good leg sets, and is such an easy keeper. We purchased her from Sara Haas at Sure Shot Cattle in Nebraska and are so excited at her future here! Thanks Sara for allowing us the opportunity to purchase her for our future breeding program!!

SIRE: Lazy G Infrared (Fullblood)

DAM: ALTA Lady Mags PAG (Purebred)

Bred for September 2018

Taffy has been sold to Blanche Perkins in Palmyra, IN 

DC Grover Cleveland - IMCBR Registered

D.O.B. August 4, 2016

A1/A1, polled, painted, Chondrodysplasia Negative

38" at the hookbone at 17 months old

100% Miniature Jersey

Ummm....can you say exciting?! This tiny, handsome, extremely correct fella was a purchase made from Sara Haas at Sure Shot Cattle, however he was originally bred by the "Godfather" of Mini Jerseys, Tim O'Donnell. Sara had purchased him to breed some heifers and once done we were lucky enough to be able to add him for our 2018 breeding program. His size and conformation, paired with the pretty ladies we have leave us looking forward for things to come.

SIRE: Beau Buttersworth

DAM: Dexter Corner Fanciful Shower

Grover has been sold but will be the sire to Legacys summer 2020 calf

DC Jefferson Davis - IMCBR Registered

D.O.B. May 1, 2016

39" at 19 months (Deceased Dec. 2017 due to a trailer accident)

A1/A2, polled, painted

We were so thrilled to be able to purchase this little bull from Tim O'Donnell to use in our breeding program so you can only imagine our heartbreak at his loss. Photo for reference only.

SIRE: Beau Buttersworth MJF

DAM: Barnyard Mini Miss Kitty

JG Stephan (Steve) - IMCBR Registered


D.O.B. April 15, 2016

40.5" at 22 months old

A1/A1, polled, painted, disease free

This guy is amazingly correct...his conformation is wonderful. Board level topline, good leg sets, and a level and easy going temperament. Not exceptionally in your business but yet easy to be around...perfect. Purchased from Tim O'Donnell and contains so many of his amazing genetics. Look forward to the babies from this guy! Since he's already done his job for us, he's looking for the next group of ladies to sweet talk! Please contact us for more information.


DAM: Miss Daisy

Memory Lane Black Silky - IMCBR Registered

D.O.B. March 8, 2013

A1/A2, polled - Tested Negative for BVD and Johnne's

42.5" at the hook bone at 4 years of age

50% Miniature Jersey/ 50% Lowline Angus

We LOVE this girl. She has a body that never quits but was able to retain some of the dairy femininity of the jersey. Hybrid vigor is a thing....and it's her thing cause all these looks are strictly grassfed.

SIRE: Buster Brown (Miniature Jersey)

DAM: Memory Lane Coal (Lowline Angus)

Bred for September 2018 to JG Stephan (Steve)

Silky has been sold