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Short N' Sweet Minis

Having animals is work. I would seem that to be common knowledge but still feel it is something that needs said. How much work though will depend a lot on the animals you choose to maintain on your land. There is a large difference in maintaining a beef animal versus a dairy animal, and even a difference in maintaining a standard commercial dairy animal versus a dairy animal with grassfed genetics. Adding even greater variance is the difference in standard animal versus miniature....this is where we decided was best for us.

We don't have the land to sustain standard, commercial dairy animals nor the desire as we simply don't need the massive amounts of milk or want to feed for milk we don't need. That's just what works best for us. Finding what works best for you is so important. So often I see people getting a jersey because lets face it....they're so stinking cute! But a standard jersey with genetics to make milk can be very hard for the beginner that isn't aware exactly how much it will cost to maintain the animal. So often it's what leads the once excited beginner to think it's just all too much and quite altogether. That's sad. With some research the once excited beginner could have continued to still be an excited dairy cow owner...hopefully.

Another thing to consider is the talk of Beta Casein proteins and their importance within your herd. Personally, we aren't very concerned with the A2/A2 craze that many have used in their breeding choices. Feel free to do as much research as you like on the protein and make your decisions accordingly. For us, there just hasn't been enough unbiased research completed to show it worth centering your whole breeding program around. When the main selling point you have for your herd is this gene, with little mentioned about conformation, udder attachment, temperament, or longevity, that can be very scary for the future of a breed. Without careful attention given to maintaining a structurally sound animal with good feet and legs, and an udder securely attached, that can lead to the destruction of a breed. Our goal is to breed for animals that have the temperament to make owning them enjoyable, the body capacity and structure to last you and your family for quite some time, and an udder attachment that won't leave your girl with a "rock in a sock" type udder dangling between her legs. Teat length is another important attribute to breed for because I've milked the "mini teats" some jerseys can have....can't say I was a fan. Our hope when you purchase an animal from us is that you'll be pleased for many years to come and be very happy when you look out to see it grazing happily.

Which reminds our feeding program is a grassfed program. We always leave a freechoice trace mineral, Sea90 salt, organic kelp, and sodium bicarbonate. Not saying they consume much of the sodium bicarbonate but knowing they can eat it if they feel the need to belch away excess's worth it having lost a heifer to bloat before. It's a terrible feeling. We always have a round bale available in the winter months and as necessary in the summer months if the grasses aren't growing good enough. To keep them happy to see us, we feed them alfalfa pellets and beet pulp every evening. They LOVE it despite always having an alfalfa mix round bale available! They're quite comical creatures.

Now...with all that being said...enjoy our website....enjoy your search for the perfect family cow, and we sure hope to be able to help you in your future endeavors! Have a wonderful day!